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Abhinandan Dixit

Abhinandan Dixit serves as the Director of Power Supplies and Charging Solution Division branded under the name Emperium Electronika. He is an experienced and talented Electrical & Electronics Engineer. His expertise in electronics, product design and development, technical leadership, product risk management and in-depth knowledge of the industry has enabled him to achieve tight project schedules and company targets.

His proficiency in DC/DC conversion, AC/DC front ends power converters, analog and digital control theory and loop compensation, and the use of the latest wide bandgap (WBG) technology especially GaN Fets, strong magnetic design, EMI, schematic capture, mechanical and thermal packaging proficiency and PCB layout has helped Emperium Electronika design and manufacture cutting-edge innovative products in the power supply & charging space.

Abhinandan holds a master’s degree in electrical and Computer Engineering (Major – Power Electronics) from Concordia University, Canada. He has 2+ years of experience working in the semiconductor industry, and 2 years of experience in the R&D and research industry. He is an industry-experienced individual with expertise in power supply design, electronic design for solar application, Power IC design and packaging.

Outside M/S Pande and Sons, Abhinandan has a particular interest in playing badminton, hiking and camping.

M/S Pande and Sons is a renowned Govt. Licensed electrical contracting. As a regional market leader, we are known for delivering world-class quality projects. We are a domain specialist in all ranges of electrical installations and to all market segments.

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