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Karan Pande

Karan Pande is the Founder and CEO of M/S Pande and Sons, a talented Electrical & Electronics Engineer and Businessman. Karan is tech-business savvy in engineering management, program management, product development and hardware design. Along with his cross-functional leadership, he has been indispensable in helping the company delight clients by delivering world-class quality projects, services and products.

Karan holds a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Major – Power Electronics) from Concordia University, Canada. He has more than 4+ years of experience working for the Semiconductor industry in North America, 3+ years in the Business Consulting Industry and 2+ years in the Electrical Infrastructure Industry in India. He is a registered Government Licensed Electrical engineer with a comprehensive range of expertise in Erection, Testing & commissioning of Transformer, Installation Transmission and Distribution line, residential Electrical Wiring Systems and Power Systems.

Karan’s knowledge in Power Supply Design & Development along with expertise in the full product manufacturing process right from design and development, prototyping, verification, validation, transfer to manufacturing and turning into a final product have helped M/S Pande and Sons start their Power Supplies and Charging Solution Division branded under the name Emperium Electronika.

When not at M/S Pande and Sons, you can find Karan, trekking, hiking, and camping at National Animal Reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in India.

M/S Pande and Sons is a renowned Govt. Licensed electrical contracting. As a regional market leader, we are known for delivering world-class quality projects. We are a domain specialist in all ranges of electrical installations and to all market segments.

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